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ThePokerCapitalist started in 2012 as a personal journal about playing online poker at low, mid, and high stakes. It was a place for me to track my progress and share the upswings, downswings, fun, and frustration of playing poker in obscurity.

Around the same time I joined DragTheBar.com as a poker instructor and the website quickly grew into a popular learning resource. As the popularity grew, I decided to turn it into more of a learning resource for low to mid-stakes players. In the last decade playing poker, I have had a lot of success in poker games and this blog is part of how I give back to the community. 

In 2013 I started working on Exploitive No Limit Holdem, which fits with my overall approach to poker.

Paul's book cover final

新开传奇sfThe key to long term success in this game is constantly working to create positive EV (Expected Value). While I do not instruct individual students I enjoy the process of teaching and sharing my experiences in the game. Effectively conveying complex poker theory to readers in a succinct manner is incredibly challenging. I hope that my readers enjoy the book and deepen their understanding of No Limit Holdem from reading it.

I am also the founder of Technologies a 10 person mobile marketplace startup focused on the pet services industry.

新开传奇sfI currently live in Vancouver, BC (greatest city in the world :)) with my wife, the amazing FishyFish12, and my dog Juno.

-ThePokerCapitalist (Paul Ratchford)




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