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Daniel Negreanu Leaving PokerStars?

Is Daniel Negreanu leaving PokerStars, that is the question everybody wants to know the answer to. Recent events at PokerStars have left Daniel embarrassed and frustrated with managment. Some have said PokerStars is not “communicating” well with the players, and Daniel has also talked about “communcation” being poor on numerous occasions. I find it difficult to believe this is purely a “communication” issue though. At the core of the problem is a different culture that comes along with major corporations versus privately held companies. To some degree Daniel has even acknowledged this to be the case. He says things like players need to understand that management of publicly held corporations have obligations to shareholders. In corporate land we have a term for this and it is called fiduciary duty. It is a legal duty to act solely in the interests of another party, which, in the case of corporations is the shareholders. What does all this mean? Well, not only does management not give a damn about what a bunch of SuperNova Elite players think, but they also feel morally righteous to completely screw them over because they actually have a legal duty to do so. When I say this, I am assuming that by taking away benefits from top players they are doing a good thing for shareholders (which is certainly debatable). For those of you who are not already up to speed on the huge PokerStars cuts, I talked extensively about the changes in my article PokerStars VIP Changes.


PokerStars VIP Changes – 2016 Cuts

PokerStars VIP changes 2016 are significant and they are one sided – players are being screwed!  Yep, I said it. PokerStars has displayed absolutely zero regard for the interests of their regular players since they were taken over by Amaya Gaming. Is this surprising? No. The fact of the matter is that PokerStars runs a private business and they can do whatever the heck they please. However, the fact of the matter is that nobody has to use their service either. In light of recent changes (which I will cover in more detail later), I hope that all regular players will leave PokerStars. PokerStars has abused the trust they build up over years with players, they have broken their word, and they have displayed a contemptuous lack of respect for many individuals who were fantastic clients of theirs for years. For those of you who still struggle to take PokerStars name in vain (due to years of built up loyalty), just remember it is really Amaya that is hosing you down. PokerStars is simply dead, PokerStars no longer exists, PokerStars has become a pathetic brand that will be cannibalized so Amaya Gaming can squeeze every last dollar out of players pockets. Frankly, PokerStars is dead to me and I hope to you as well…  I wrote a special little ballad for them at the end of this article so be sure to check that out. Now lets get down and dirty with the details.