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Jesus Seat In Poker – Snipe It!

新开传奇sfThe Jesus Seat as it has become known is one of the most important and underrated aspects of table selecting. One of the reasons most players struggle to win at poker is because they don’t understand some of the final details such as the importance of the Jesus Seat. Heck, there are probably a good number of players who don’t even know that the term means.


Table Selecting In Poker – Why It Matters

There has been a lot of chatter lately in the poker community about poker table selecting. I have discussed the topic before in my post on poker bumhunting, but I think that it is worth revisiting. This is a kickoff post for me since I will be exploring the topic of poker software in the coming weeks. Poker software, is increasingly linked to table selecting (due to the prevalence of scripts.


Poker Bum Hunting

Why Is Poker Bum Hunting Important? 

新开传奇sfPoker bum hunting is an essential technique for winning players. Poker is a zero sum game minus a cut that the house takes. So in an environment where all players are good and everybody plays game theory optimal poker EVERYBODY loses. The house takes money out of pots at an enormous rate especially at lower games. In fact, versus a bunch of skilled regulars (with zero recreational dollars in play) it may be impossible at a 6-max or full ring table for even some of the best in the world to win…. The bottom line is that if you are a professional poker player you need to be bum hunting / table selecting. Unless of  course unless you are a loser. There are probably a couple of notable exceptions to this if you receive a massive prize each month or massive sponsorship dollars which mean you don’t need a BB/100 winrate to win. Note: Personally I find the term derogatory and think that poker bumhunting should be called table selection.