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Exploitive No Limit Holdem by Paul Ratchford

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My biggest strength at the poker table is my ability to adapt in real time to my opponents. Exploitive No Limit Holdem was written not just to help you understand advanced NLHE theory, but more importantly to help you apply that knowledge exploitively at the poker table. I focus more on the attacking side of poker than the defending side. In many ways I feel like a good defense will come naturally for those who have a good offense. If you understand how and why you are targeting an opponent, you will also notice when you are the mark.

When you finish reading this book I am confident that you will be a better player. Wherever possible I try to give you real world examples of the concepts I am discussing. Theory without applications is useless, and I recognize that my readers need more than just theory to help them improve. Included in Exploitive No Limit Holdem is an extensive discussion of how to improve you red line, the mental game, math, expected value, game theory, and risk management.

Very little in poker is “solved” and that makes teaching the game challenging. Exploitive No Limit Holdem focuses not only on how to fix leaks in your game and attack opponents’ weaknesses, but also on how you can keep growing as a player after reading this book. Exploitive No Limit Holdem can help you deepen your understanding of No Limit Holdem, which will enable you to adapt and stay profitable in a dynamic and rapidly changing industry like poker.

Here are a couple of testimonials from players who know me and readers:

“The most successful people in all fields are usually the ones that break from the conventional thinking and way of doing things. This is especially true in poker, and Paul Ratchford has never been afraid to adopt strategies that separate him from the pack. It’s this level of creativity and disinterest in following mainstream poker strategy that have made him such a force at the tables”

Hunter Bick
Professional Poker Player and Founder of and

“I hired Paul’s services just at the right time for me. My game had stagnated and I’d become disillusioned slightly with the game. I was winning… but I feel I could do so much better, yet I couldn’t put my finger on it. What Paul uncovered in the first hour, no coach before has even touched on. I could just sense Paul’s systematic teaching methods were going to increase my winrate; I felt he had a real plan of improvement rather than just some knowledge to share. He digs real deep into parts of your game that you may think are solid and forces you to rethink them. It’s early days but I can really feel the change in me. I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Paul Ratchford”.

David Armitage

I just finished the book. It was a great read. My eyes have been opened to many different thought processes that I should be exploring during a hand. As well it has revealed to me different lines my opponents take against me that I thought were incorrect, but I now know why they are doing them. In fact, when I think back to specific examples, it is so obvious to me now that it blows my mind. Like you say, there are no absolutes in the game of poker but I will be in much better position to recognize these lines in the future. Seriously, I got so much out of this book that I am excited to re-read it. Stuff I have read before like bet sizing and so on just jumped off the screen at me this time. It was just explained in a way that was easy to understand and kept me interested. I am certain that I will be a better player using what I have read in this book. I mean there are some in depth stuff here that is advanced for me but hey, that just means the book will keep giving when I am ready to tackle those parts. Thanks for the great work.


Here is a copy of the table of contents for the entire book, which shows the topics covered. When you purchase this book you will receive a link and be able to download it in Kindle, PDF, or ePub.   

Part I: Getting Started
Chapter 1: My Lightbulb Moment
Chapter 2: Risk Management
新开传奇sf Chapter 3: Online Poker Vs. Live Poker

Part II: The Nitty Gritty
Chapter 1: The Math You Need To Know
Chapter 2: Why Math Doesn’t Make You Great
Chapter 3: GTO Vs. Optimal Exploitive NLHE
Chapter 4: Balancing Ranges / Poker Combinatorics
Chapter 5: Applications of GTO and Optimal Exploitive Strategies
Chapter 6: Good Equity Vs. Bad Equity
Chapter 7: Red Line: Showdown Vs. Non-Showdown Winnings
Chapter 8: Constructing a Balanced 3-Bet and Calling Hand Range OOP
Chapter 9: Meta-Game and Decision Trees
Chapter 10: Expected Value As Your True North
Chapter 11: Tightening Ranges: Statistical, Bet-Size, and Physical Tells

Part III: Logistics
Chapter 1: Poker Tracker, Hold’em Manager, & CardRunners EV
Chapter 2: Table Selecting / Bum-Hunting
Chapter 3: The Mental Game
Chapter 4: The Uncertain Range Principle, Stereotypes, & Screen Name Tells
Chapter 5: The Slowplaying Trap & Overbets
Chapter 6: Should You Play 100BB Poker
Chapter 7: Putting It Into Practice

Enjoy the read!

Written by Paul Ratchford


4 reviews for Exploitive No Limit Holdem by Paul Ratchford

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    I’ve read a lot of good books, but Paul’s style is unique in many ways, and it quickly shows. With several intelligible examples in each chapter, the reader is left with no doubt what Paul is trying to demonstrate. This book reveals concepts you may not have realized or even considered as profitable. Even what I know to be +EV, ‘Exploitive NLHE’ shows me the +++EV line. It has forced me to rethink many ‘solid’ parts of my game. It’s clear why Paul has such a ludicrous winrate in todays tough games; he’s an innovator not an imitator.

    新开传奇sfIMO for a mere $30 it’s just a no-brainer, insta-buy.

    新开传奇sfHighly recommended.

  2. :

    I just received an awesome review by “Qtip” (Owen Gaines) so thought I would post a link to it here.

    It is great to receive a review like that from such a well respected author in the field.

    -Paul Ratchford (ThePokerCapitalist)

  3. :

    You can also see a number of reviews written on this book at the following link…

    -Paul Ratchford (ThePokerCapitalist)

  4. :

    is this book about live or online mostly? I prefer live but this seems to be more online orientated ‘screen name tells’ ??

    • :

      新开传奇sfI would say the book is highly applicable to live poker. I don’t believe in trying to teach a “system” for beating any particular game (6-max, FR, HU, online, live etc). IMO that is not very helpful for students in the long term. What is more important is to learn a way of thinking about the game that applies to numerous situations and stake levels.

      Having said all of that I expected the majority of my audience to be online players. As a result I use some online jargon and the examples I give are primarily from online games. Because I have played extensively live and online I talk a good bit about the differences between the two games and why I chose online despite preferring to play live.

      Hope this helps


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