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Below I have compiled a list of books, products and other poker resources that I consider invaluable to the serious poker player. I have extensively test-driven each and every one of these products and still use many of them to this day. I will continue to add books and products to this page from time-to-time so check back regularly. If you would like an opinion on a current book/product or even a forthcoming one reviewed, please don’t hesitate to ask me here.

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No sign ups and a totally FREE 7 day trial. Drag the Bar has some of the game’s leading coaches including Qtip aka Mamma Cool J, Nathan “Blackrain” Williams, and of course me Paul Ratchford! Friendly forums ensure a great member experience so get your FREE subscription today!

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My very own book! Included in Exploitive No Limit Holdem is an extensive discussion of how to improve you red line, the mental game, math, expected value, game theory, and risk management.

新开传奇sfWhen you finish reading this book I am confident that you will be a better player. Wherever possible I try to give you real world examples of the concepts I am discussing. Theory without applications is useless, and I recognize that my readers need more than just theory to help them improve. Click on the book for reviews and purchase information.


Poker Earnings Estimator

*To use the tool, just change the 4 variables in the white cells on the 2nd row. It automatically calculates your estimated earnings. **‘Big Blind’ is your limit i.e .50 is NL50, 1 is NL100 etc. (Tool may not work on mobile devices).

Poker Rake Calculator

*To use the tool, just change the 3 variables in the white cells. It automatically translates your rake paid into bb/100’s worth of rake. This is how much of your winrate is actually rake! There are 2 rows so you can compare limits side-by-side as in the example below.  (Tool may not work on mobile devices).

** You can find exact ‘rake paid’ amount in your HEM2 or PT4.

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