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HSBC Closing Poker Players Accounts

ThePokerCapitalist has some very disturbing news for the poker community, HSBC is “exiting” their poker clients. I’ve heard rumours of this in the poker community but only recently have I been able to obtain proof as well as more details surrounding the rationale. I was tipped off by a former professional poker player in Canada (who now plays infrequently), that HSBC no longer wanted his business because of his involvement in “the online gaming industry”. You’ll see further along in this article a redacted version of this information. This is a disturbing development for any and all poker players who have bank accounts with HSBC and leaves them at the whim of the bank. Furthermore, this is a disturbing development for any and all HSBC clients worldwide.


How To Make A Million Dollars Playing Poker

新开传奇sfHow does a player make a million dollars playing poker? Undoubtedly, it is tougher to do this today than it was ten years ago but its still achievable. The biggest difference today is the level of refinement required to make serious money at poker tables today. Previously a fairly basic strategy was good enough, but today’s poker games present a much more significant challenge.

There aren’t that many online poker players with over a million dollars in earnings but I have spoken with a few over the years and here are the insights gained.