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Special Discount Coupon Need-4-Seat

I asked the maker of Need-4-Seat for a special Need-4-Seat coupon for PokerCapitalist readers. As you all know I profiled the product the other day in my post on how Need-4-Seat works and why it could be useful for my readers. Anyhow, to qualify for the 25 Euro discount you need to use the code pokercapitalist2016 when you purchase. You’ll want to do that when you get to  (which I linked for you).

Need 4 Seat Pricing







Good luck!


Need-4-Seat Review

新开传奇sfToday, I am doing something that I rarely do today, a product review of the script. Need-4-Seat is a poker script that helps find tables for you. Why does this product matter to serious poker players? Because poker scripts are an essential tool for table selection in today’s poker games. Poker scripts are rampant on all major networks in today’s poker games, and not having one may leave you at a competitive disadvantage. Regardless of your personal viewpoint on scripts, they are everywhere in today’s games, and having one is extremely helpful.