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Low Stakes Poker Strategy

新开传奇sfLow stakes poker strategy is actually pretty darn simple – I think the vast majority of players over complicate what should be a fairly simple recipe for success. The key is to first establish a solid bunch of fundamentals, and then learn to play exploitively.


Winning Poker – Insights From A Decade Of Learnings

Winning poker is difficult to define and everybody has a slightly different definition. Most players want to know how to play winning poker but don’t know how to get there. I’ve played the game for nearly a decade now (casually and more seriously) and there are some critical lessons I have learned along the way.


River Bluffing – What Should You Do?

I’ve talked about bluffing新开传奇sf before, but river bluffing is another story. It is one of those things that every player knows they should do, but few players can actually pull the trigger. IMO, many players miss these opportunities because they simply don’t understand exactly what they are doing. The fact that river bluffs are the most expensive in poker tends to exacerbate the problem and reduce the quality of decision making.


Pokers Effect On The Brain

What is pokers effect on the brain? Have you considered this before? I don’t think many players have spend too much time thinking about it or concerning themselves with this topic. However, I do think it is a topic that warrants some discussion.

Mental Illness In Poker