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Grimming In Poker

According to poker lore “grimming in poker” began with the legendary “grimstarr” on Pokerstars. Basically, this player used to play one hand (posting the small blind) heads up and then sit out. When the SB is the button this provides an obvious advantage to this player. This became known as “grimming” and has been looked down on heavily ever since. Some websites will even take punitive action for such behavior. 


Ladbrokes Leaving Canada

In yet another blow to the Canadian poker community one of the oldest sports book in the world is closing its doors to Canadians. How does Ladbrokes leaving Canada change the Canadian poker landscape? We aren’t sure yet since there is no way to know how many shoes will drop on Canadian players. In an article from a couple of months ago I spoke at length about the possibility of PokerStars leaving Canada, it now appears that when/if this happens there will be even less options available for Canadian players. Also, be sure to check out my article on the possibility of PokerStars being licensed in Canada and how unfavorable that would likely be for players.

In a statement to all players released just a few hours ago Ladbrokes said,


Getting Value In Poker

When we think of getting value in poker most players would assume this is through . But if we are really thinking through our opponents we’d realize there could be some alternative lines that would gain us rather than just value. Let’s look at some situations where playing can yield us a