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Announcements at ThePokerCapitalist

新开传奇sfI have some exciting news to announce. In fact, there has been a lot going on at ThePokerCapitalist lately. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to know.

1) is now available as a paperback. I have had a number of requests in the past few months from people who just aren’t thrilled about reading ebooks. For now the paperback version is exclusively available on the createspace link I provided above. Soon the paperback will be made available on Amazon and possibly here at ThePokerCapitalist. For now you will continue to be able to get the ebook version at a 20% discount on my website! I got my copy in the mail just the other day and it looks great. The print turned out really well and it is very readable. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the read :).

2) The other exciting news is that I have added a useful little poker reference book to the poker resources page. Just scroll to the bottom and you will see it is available for $4.99. It is a pretty cool little handbook for those of you who struggle a bit with poker math.

3) I was also on another radio show recently . The conversation was a lot of fun and this was perhaps my most entertaining interview. Definitely, check it out when you have a few minutes. It starts around the 10 minute mark.

I hope the tables are treating you well!


Poker Motivation – How To Keep The Fire Alive

It’s very easy to lose poker motivation playing this game. Distractions, tiredness and running bad to name but a few obstacles. You know you have to get the hands in… but you just don’t want to. Your lack of poker motivation to grind often feeds into procrastination which in turn leads to other problems like stress, anxiety and subsequently… failure. At the heart of this problem is often poor goal setting, stopping you from not only reaching your poker goals, but reaching your potential too.

新开传奇sfIt’s a serious problem, so let’s delve into the elements of poker motivation, the problems we face as players and some goal setting solutions to those issues.


PokerStars Leaving Canada?

Will the recent acquisition of PS by Amaya Gaming result in ? Only time will tell but for those of you who haven’t heard the news Amaya gaming group a Canadian based company is taking over PokerStars and its brands for a few billion dollars. This is interesting for a couple of reasons. With all the trouble that PokerStars has experienced getting licensing in the US, new ownership might pave the way to entering the US market. It is hard to imagine this isn’t part of the reason that PokerStars was able to fetch such a high price. Judging by the stock market reaction (), Amaya may have gotten a pretty good deal for PokerStars. This will definitely prove to be the case if they are able to enter major US markets like California and New York. The other interesting side effect of this merger is the possible affect on their Canadian gaming business….


Interview With Jared Tendler

A couple of weeks ago  invited me to his show and we discussed a wide range of issues surrounding poker and the mental game. You can check out the podcast on his website .  The interview is laid back and conversational. I enjoyed getting the chance to talk with Jared and get to know him a little bit better.


Bluffing Fish

Are We were taught many moons ago to players. Also known as calling stations, recreationals, casual players and the rather unaffectionate term ‘’.  

Contrary to belief Fish can be bluffed. The old adage “bluffing fish is pointless” is a very generic and frankly out of date. Fish come in more varieties than regulars and just like those regulars, each one needs a slightly different approach. , like , they just get valuetowned instead. But there some varieties that can be bluffed, you just have to be observant…


Poker Bum Hunting

Why Is Poker Bum Hunting Important? 

Poker bum hunting is an essential technique for winning players. Poker is a zero sum game minus a cut that the house takes. So in an environment where all players are good and everybody plays game theory optimal poker EVERYBODY loses. The house takes money out of pots at an enormous rate especially at lower games. In fact, versus a bunch of skilled regulars (with zero recreational dollars in play) it may be impossible at a 6-max or full ring table for even some of the best in the world to win…. The bottom line is that if you are a professional poker player you need to be bum hunting / table selecting. Unless of  course unless you are a loser. There are probably a couple of notable exceptions to this if you receive a massive prize each month or massive sponsorship dollars which mean you don’t need a BB/100 winrate to win. Note: Personally I find the term derogatory and think that poker bumhunting should be called table selection.