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HUD POP Up Configuration

If you read my HUD configuration from last time, you’ll see where I’m headed with this article. The comes into play with larger samples and is fully customizable. That’s why I have a custom pop-up for every stat in my HUD. You might be asking at this point: ‘If your HUD is so full of key data why do you need a pop-up?’


Cash Game HUD Configuration

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent weeks on end . The best HUD setup is being able to using it quickly, effectively and without fuss. With so much data available though it’s hard to know which HUD stats to choose. We’ve all needed from time to time so here’s my contribution in helping you understand your poker HUD.

I presume most people reading this are either HEM2 or PT4 users. However, I still use some stats you may not have come across before. The definitions for all are here: Hem2Definitions and PT4Defintions.


Poker Player Profiling

Most of our Poker energy is spent finding and devouring the recreational players. The trouble is, other regs’ like you are doing just the same. You’ve likely got into these ‘raising wars’ in the process, kind of ‘who has the last bet’ scenarios. Sometimes the only way to get a great read on these troublesome regs’ is to do a . Discovering how they and creating player notes, will have you and picking you up a nice boost to your winrate.


Poker Session Warm Up

You have probably heard the saying, and this is no truer than in poker. Your poker pregame routine and preparation to grind are vital for your progress and plugging poker leaks. If you’re skipping the poker warm up, or never doing it at all, . Let’s look at a few factors you may have overlooked.